Scaling Up

Just picked up the new business framework book Scaling Up written by Verne Harnish over at Gazelles. It's a great book! The book breaks the challenges down into four areas. People, strategy, execution, cash. Very straightforward and includes concrete behaviors and practical examples. Verne and the team also give you plenty of room to experiment … Continue reading Scaling Up

Critical Sales Metrics for Small Business

As a small business owner or a sales manager for a small business you should be able to answer these questions:  How big is our sales pipeline both in terms of opportunities and dollars? Given the size of our pipeline what are the chances we are going to hit our monthly sales target? How long … Continue reading Critical Sales Metrics for Small Business

Intrinsic Motivation – Drive

I talk quite a bit about the concept of intrinsic motivation in my presentations and workshops. Intrinsic motivation describes our satisfaction in doing something simply for the sake of doing it.  Think of playing an instrument, solving a puzzle or painting a picture.  The activity is a reward in itself.  Daniel Pink’s “Drive” is great … Continue reading Intrinsic Motivation – Drive