Revamp an Organizations DNA?

I just finished reading Deborah Mills-Scofield’s HBR article on bringing back corporate accountability.  This is a great article in its own right.  It lead me to an article she posted in April of this year on building Communities of Practice by Building Virtues into the Organization’s DNA.  Her moonshots to fix problems we see in corporate culture in this article are:

  • Focus the work of management on a higher purpose
  • Rebuild management’s philosophical foundations
  • Enable communities of passion

What Mills-Scofield is describing here is that many of the problems we see today are not tactical or process in nature, but rather reflect of loss (at least in practice) of key social virtues.  She focuses on Aristotle’s virtues of Courage, Faith, Hope, Justice, Love, Prudence and Temperance.  This is a great article for all of us but especially those teams that are struggling with a toxic culture.

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